Puppy Questionnaire


Please provide the following contact information:



1.    Please indicate why you are interested in a Keeshond?

2.    Do you have a gender preference? Male or female? Would you be open to a puppy if it is not your preferred gender/color?

3.    Have you owned a Keeshond or dog before?  If you do not still have the dog, what happened to it?

4.    Do you currently have any pets in the household?  Please name type of pets (if a dog, list breed) ages and gender of pets.

5.    Is everyone in the household in agreement on adding a new puppy to the family?

6.    Do you have any children that live in the household or visit on a regular basis?  Please list ages.

7.    Please list all that apply: live in apartment, rent home, own home with fence, own home , no fence

8.    Please describe how you will exercise your dog.

9.    Would you object to having your puppy spay or neutered NO earlier than 18 months

10.    How many hours a day will your dog be left alone?

11.    Where will the puppy be left when you are not at home?

12.    Where will your puppy sleep at night?

13.    Are you familiar with crate training?  If not, I can provide you with info.

14.    Do you have a fenced in yard?  If not, how will you exercise your puppy?

15.    How much time per week are you willing to spend on grooming your Keeshond?

16.    What are your plans for your new Keeshond?  Family pet, conformation, agility, obedience training, hiking or jogging partner?

17.    Under what conditions would you not be able to keep your dog?(i.e. biting, chewing, excessive barking)

18.    To grow into a GREAT family member, puppies need training at an early age.  Classes are usually 6-8 weeks long and meet once a week for an hour.  Classes are usually available through a local pet store, kennel club or private instructor and cost about $100.00.  Are you willing to attend a puppy kindergarten class or basic obedience class with your puppy?

19.    Dogs need yearly health checkups and sometimes get sick or hurt which require Veterinary care.  Do you have the resources to spend on Vet visits when needed?
20.    Keeshonden can easily live up to and beyond 15 years.  Do you intend to keep this dog for its lifetime?

21.    If you could no longer keep your dog, would you be willing to surrender the dog back to me?

22.    Do you have any other info you would like to add or questions for me?

23.    Does anyone in the household smoke?

We reserve the right to refuse to sell a puppy to anyone for any reason.  We also reserve the right to sell puppies with restrictions and conditions.
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